It is my hope you will find valuable information in my books which will leave you with long-lasting practical knowledge and high-impact wisdom. Best personally ~ Tom Grooms

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RED Eagle written by tom grooms in "it's not all rockets and ray guns"

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my books. Currently I am writing a new book on China. Then I will work on many new and exciting topics in a series of business books to share with you many secrets on financial success.

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"As President of my own company, the ideas in this book give me an advantage over the competition. This is not in anyway, what I thought market intelligence was. It has changed the way I think about business, and its safety and security of private information. This is definitely innovative thinking beyond today. After reading this book, I can see how Presidents of countries and the heads of large corporations implementing market intelligence would have an advantage."

~ Joc Collignon Sr (Amazon review of "Market Intelligence: The Original Work")

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