SPACE NUGGETS: Winning the Space Acquisition Race Through Effective Intelligence

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* How to Make Money in the Industrialization of Outer Space
* Becoming a Space Entrepreneur or Space Prospector
* Space Travel & Entertainment – Colonization – Mining & Manufacturing

Nugget 1 Space Travel, Exploration and Colonization
Nugget 2 Art & Design for Outer Space Health and Longevity
Nugget 3 Job Preparation for the Future of Work in the Cosmos
Nugget 4 New Wealth in the Extradimensional
Nugget 5 Space Economy, Financial Investing and Business
Nugget 6 Entrepreneurship and Small Business for Space
Nugget 7 Oxygen, Water and Agriculture Space Business
Nugget 8 Space Science, Industries and Technology
Nugget 9 Space Mining and Manufacturing
Nugget 10 The Space Acquisition Race


About many different cultures worldwide which will help you with travel, business and investments.

* Forks - Chopsticks - Hands
* America
* Asia
* Europe
* Middle East
* Africa

SPACE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY: Spies and Espionage in the Space Race

* The Battle for Outer Space between the US ... China ... Russia
* Blueprint for the First Intergalactic Space Intelligence Agency
* Change of Earth Forever

Chapter 1   Detection Vigilance Mitigation Beyond Earth
Chapter 2   ETs and UFOs Target Earth
Chapter 3   Allure of the Cosmos for Spying and Espionage
Chapter 4   Space Travel for Gathering Intelligence
Chapter 5   Disease and Obstacle Threats
Chapter 6   Intergalactic Security
Chapter 7   Espionage in the Galactic
Chapter 8   Space Counterinsurgency and Counterintelligence
Chapter 9   Extraterrestrial and Federation Wars
Chapter 10 The SIA Space Intelligence Agency

Alien Presence:  Declassified ET and UFO Intelligence

* Answer to Your Question – Are ETs and UFOs Real and Do They Exist ?
* UFO Flight Paths – Moon Bases – Space Spy Bases
* Space Forces and Military Defense Outposts

Space 1   Time to Traverse the Universe
Space 2   Extraterrestrial
Space 3   Extraterrestrial Alien Life Forms on Earth
Space 4   Extraterrestrial Law and Jurisdiction
Space 5   Revealing Sensitive Declassified ET and UFO Documents
Space 6   Governments and Militaries Worldwide ET-UFO Encounters
Space 7   Space Forces
Space 8   Science and the Unexplained Reality of ETs and UFOs
Space 9   Neighbors ... Moon Extraterrestrial Spy Base
Space 10   Far Away Habitat Galaxies ... Not So Far Away

It's Not All Rockets and Ray Guns (Anthology)

Tom's Story:  RED Eagle (pps. 225-232)

RED Eagle is the story of Operation Red Jacket by a secret intelligence organization of the Red Circle.

"Having been promised complete protection for executing, not the oath of office, but the execution of a doomed country, it was time for operation Red Tide. "

It's Not All Rockets and Ray Guns, but it is a yawning castle with teeth while fire devours a wooden house.  Or would you rather play on a baseball field watching angels in ballet?  Alien connections, dystopian  worlds, and folklore intertwine with ghostly figures scratching messages in wood, red frog curses, and horses that change color.  So follow the marble staircase into a time of secret agents, dream machines, and eagle takeovers.  It is all there for you to enjoy!  From Science Fiction to Fantasy, from Literary Fiction to Paranormal, these sixteen authors have come together to give the treat of a lifetime and perhaps a little bit more.

Culture of Russia:  The Russian Way of Business

This is a must read for entrepreneurs, executives, diplomatic corps, corporations, manufacturers, military and historians about Russia before travel and business engagements.

* Traveling to Russia
* How Business is Done in Russia
* Understanding Russia ... it’s history, people, culture, education system, life etc.

Chapter 1   Russian Orthodox Church
Chapter 2    Education of Russian Youth
Chapter 3    A Cultural Heritage of Russia
Chapter 4   Crafts and Fashion of Russia
Chapter 5   Art and Literature of Russia
Chapter 6   The R Protocol of Business in Russia
Chapter 7   Essential Knowledge for Doing Business Inside Russia
Chapter 8   Understanding the Russian Legal System for Business
Chapter 9   Negotiating Anything in Capitalist Russia
Chapter 10   Letter of an American Traveler to Russia

Spy History:  History of Spies and Agencies

Want to go to work for an intelligence service or agency – this is the book you should read.  From the spies who are Myth to the spies who are Legend, from National Security to War, you will learn about the spy business whether you are an analyst or in industry, the military or the intelligence community.  How to be a spyTraits to be a SpyGuide to becoming a spyIntelligence Agencies – Espionage – Assassination – Terrorism – WarInside look at what you don’t know about the spy business “The secret agent is the most important component for keeping power in check and to spy on people and countries and organizations."

* Secrets of Intelligence Services and Agencies
* Names of 168 Spies – Code Names – Dates of Service
* Qualities for Recruitment of the Spy and Required Reading for Teaching Intelligence Courses

SPY 1   Language of the Spy
SPY 2   The Secret World of the Spy
SPY 3   Fathers of Intelligence
SPY 4   Spies Who Are Myths
SPY 5   The Spy Game
SPY 6   Intelligence Services and Agencies
SPY 7   Business Intelligence and Industrial Espionage
SPY 8   Military Intelligence and War
SPY 9   Spies Who Are Legend
SPY 10   National Security

HOW TO START A BUSINESS IN 20 DAYS: Home Business – Start A New Business – How Real Money Is Made

Tidbits of wisdom from many of the world’s greatest millionaires.  This step-by-step guide takes one from nothing to an income in 20-days.  The only book that tells you how to make money.  College never taught what I learned working.  This book shares some of those lessons “about how real money is made”.  Learn more about business than you would ever learn with a bachelor - master - doctorate degree.  “This book is about money.  How to make money.  It shares experiences of those who have started with nothing, such as your author.  From nothing to wealth.  From nothing to rich.  From nothing to success.”

* How to Become an Entrepreneur and Make Money
* How to Correctly Start a Business
* How to Become Your Own Employer

DAY 1   Entrepreneurs Start at the Top
DAY 2   How Do You Decide What You Want to Do?
DAY 3   Construction Work Begins
DAY 4   Sometimes Big Things Come from Little Moments
DAY 5   What’s in a Name
DAY 6   Leadership in the Small-Business Enterprise
Day 7   A Time to Question
DAY 8   Entrepreneur Style of Management
Day 9   Employees Make You Rich
DAY 10   All You Need Is A Customer
Day 11   Planning on Profit
DAY 12   The Inverse Pyramid
Day 13   The Services Industry
DAY 14   The Physical Products Industry
Day 15   Using Real Estate to Make Money
DAY 16   You Do Not Make Money from the Obvious
Day 17   High Profit Sales and Marketing
DAY 18   Game Check
Day 19   Crystal Ball of the Entrepreneur
Day 20   Calm Survival with the Entrepreneur Mind
Entrepreneur Creed for Small Business

My Mission in Russia:  Business Incubators, Tactics and Lessons

Tom was one of the main architects to replacing Russia’s business incubator program for job creation and sharing a blueprint for development of an entrepreneurial capitalistic program that spurred the development of small business startups, and secrets of how to restart a national economy and industrial base to prevent a country collapse.

* This book serves as a manual of the secrets for the recovery of a national economy and its industrial base.
* This will bring back loyalty of people and respect for its government even in the harshest of circumstances.

Chapter 1   My Mission
Chapter 2   Mission No.1 Business Master Plan
Chapter 3   Mission No.2 Orekhovo-Zuyevo Manufacturing Factory
Chapter 4   Mission No.3 Incubator Master Program
Chapter 5   Russia Incubator Program
Chapter 6   How Business Was Done in Russia
Chapter 7   Mission No.4 Russia Military
Chapter 8   Mission No.5 Restart National Economy and Industrial Base
Chapter 9   Putin Pivot
Chapter 10   A Time to Reflect

The Collapse of Russia:  An American Businessman's Visit During the 1998 Financial Collapse

This is a first-hand account of the greatest tragedy in Russian history not told outside of Russia.  This book serves as a valuable reference and historical record of Russia during a period of financial turbulence, market collapse, and economic depression.  As you read and explore Russia through a sweeping picture timepiece anthology, you will see firsthand what it was really like inside the Russian Empire. I know, as I was there.

* Untold Story of First-Hand Events
* First Americans in 6 Closed Cities
* How Capitalism Changed Russia

Chapter 1   You Want to Go to Russia
Chapter 2   Here I Am in Russia
Chapter 3   First Americans in 6 Closed Cities
Chapter 4   Closed City No.1 Orekhovo-Zuyevo
Chapter 5   Closed City No.2 Reutov
Chapter 6   Closed City No.3 Solnechnogorsk
Chapter 7   Closed City No.4 Serpukhov
Chapter 8   Closed City No.5 Yubileyny
Chapter 9   Closed City No.6 Balashikha
Chapter 10   Understanding Events Leading Up to 1998

Market Intelligence: The Original Work 

I discovered market intelligence.  Thus, began the quest and the result after ten years of research and an additional fifteen years in rigorous study to give birth and meaning to the new term and concept market intelligence.

* Personal Intelligence Agency for Presidents of Countries and Presidents of Major Corporations
* Economic and Financial Foundation of Intelligence for Economics and Investing
* Timeless

Chapter 1   Discovery & Origin of Market Intelligence
Chapter 2   Secret World of Market Intelligence
Chapter 3   The Triad and Double Helix of Market Intelligence
Chapter 4   Market Intelligence Organization
Chapter 5   Market Intelligence Operations
Chapter 6   Craft of Market Intelligence
Chapter 7   The Grand Strategy of Market Intelligence
Chapter 8   Why and Who
Chapter 9   What Is Next
Chapter 10   Future of Market Intelligence in Outerspace Travel & Exploration

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