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          Bestselling First Place Historical author Tom Grooms writes space, China, Russia, business, and intelligence nonfiction. Readers rave over his worldview of China series, geopolitical chronicles, and plan their future in the space industrialization extraterrestrial life.

          Tom has written over sixteen books, currently resides in Texas with his wife, and spends his evenings taking long-walks, obsessed with reading, immersing in a variety of movies, or enjoying the sunset from his favorite rocking chair with a glass of sake or whiskey.

          Life had other plans than teaching, when Tom rediscovered his first work on his creation of market intelligence. It was at that moment Tom knew he wanted to be a full-time author.

          Now, a husband and father, Tom spends his days in research, crafting entertaining words, positive messages, and stories which are enlightening and profound. Tom shares his own personal brand encouraging for self-improvement to motivational to inspirational.

          Tom can’t wait to rise early to start writing, knowing there is nothing like your first cup of coffee in the morning and your last drink at night.

Living LongBeing HappyHaving MoneyBeing HealthyHaving Others Drawn to YouFinding The Right Person In Your life – is a human quality and desire throughout history.

     If you are looking for the Fountain of Happiness ... the classic My Little Business book is what you want yourself, children, and grandchildren to know and take with them at all times through life. Looking for an alternative, even those of you living in a state of depression or thinking about suicide, look no further than the My Little Business book.

The positive messages and stories are enlightening, profound, and encouraging for self-improvement to motivational to inspirational, a sense of belonging and a sense of personal value. These words of wisdom are for you and also from you to your children and grandchildren.

Young at 6 and older at 100 are more successful and long-lived, have a sense of purpose, and practice daily the wisdom found in the My Little Business book which gives a lifetime free from stress. Life is more than working, much more, for once you provide all the necessities for daily living and save $1.00 or more each month above all your expenses, you are doing well and you are successful.

Life, as found in the My Little Business book, is about living your own determined self-paced lifestyle and having the time for relaxation with family and friends. There is no prequalification, degree, or age restriction on happiness.

Will you need to work through lunch on the day of your funeral ... ? ... no need with the My Little Business book.

The First, The Last, The Only, Business Book You Will Ever Need ...

World's Most Secret Spy Service – Blue Water Navy PLA Military – TaiwanUkraine – Intercontinental Hypersonic Ballistic Missiles Space Weapons & Warfare – is just a sample of what you will find.

In this sweeping and insightful series of events happening right now in China, Tom Grooms the Father of Market Intelligence and China forecaster for the first time puts in print his geopolitical analysis about China’s expanding empire into a worldwide blanket of Confucian socialism. It has left Washington in confusion while it continues dangling the democracy credo whencesoever knowingly that Democracy doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, especially in Washington using the terminology wrongfully.

     Eye on China illuminates the inner workings of spycraft in espionage by the MSS state secret service within its vast spy network focusing on America, England, and Australia. China’s increasing naval and military prowess now control the China Sea and is extending eastward to Midway Island.

Declaration of World War III was benchmarked on Tuesday 2 August 2022. The hinge factor occurred the day Washington landed a diplomatic delegation and contingent paramilitary force in Taiwan designating a historical marker Washington was officially declaring war on Beijing.

Hardcore revelations about the capabilities of the China’s Ministry of State Security worldwide spy network operating outside the focus of mainstream counterintelligence has created a nightmare for countries operating with limited funding and means. These original thoughts, uncensored and things you have never heard of before, are revealing about China’s future objectives of deep-space colonization marking its territory first in the extraterrestrial.

     Eye on China provides historical perspective on Chinese MSS intelligence, PLA military, and CCP foreign affairs from one of the most up-to-date and knowledgeable statesmen of our time.

While we have an Eye on China ... China has Eyes on us ...

* My Best-Selling Book

RED ALERT ... The Best Geopolitical Book for 2023

In this compelling book, Tom Grooms the Father of Market Intelligence reveals China’s ambitious new geopolitical strategy to reclaim its position as the sole World Power for a third time and explains how this is happening in this very present moment. The transitional power shift that took place in 2013 from Washington to Beijing continues to reshape the geostrategic landscape in dramatic new ways that has changed the world and placed China in centrality on the global stage ... a world radically different from that of today.

As the Russia-China 2600-mile border dissolves, Tom showcases the newly forming strategic and tactical alliances between China and the realigning countries of the world. China sees the world through the lens of its PLA military, deep outer space exploration and colonization program, and CCP political party China communist authoritarian government rule.

Like so many people throughout the world, you don’t know much about China, its geopolitical expansion, or the perils to engage in business there with the Chinese under a Marxist socialist government in a socialist-market economy. The knowing what China is doing today is useful for anyone trying to better understand the growing split between Beijing and Washington.

The result is mounting tension between the chief superpowers of China, Russia, United States, and realliance by all the other countries having to unify with one of the three. China is exercising its wherewithal to convert the rebuilt world’s composure into a Confucian socialist order leading in reform of the global governance system.

There has never been a true world order, democracy, capitalism, socialism, or communism ... only oligarchic totalitarianism. Absolute rule can exist in any political system or form of government.

Tom’s writing in this cutting-edge nonfiction was the first extensive thinking and accurate forecast what China is doing over the next 50-year period to 2070. Drawing on his experience as one of the foremost statesmen, Tom’s prophecy for China is happening now and what to come is rapidly moving in the direction of his foretelling for the 21st century.

If you think World War III will be bad ... This will be worse ...

Real Life in China ...

Just PeopleLife’s Greatest LessonWhen Others Aren’t Like You – is Tom’s memoir on being human for we are imperfect human beings who still have much to learn.

Maybe, you don’t like the Chinese, the government of China is going to kill you and your family. Or maybe, the Chinese, are people just like you ...? ... and being told the same thing about you.

Each chapter takes you into a literary culture with a penchant for challenging your acute sense of humanity. The masses are the real China and the individual Chinese is esoteric from Chinese food to its legendary people, folklore, rituals, and customs of ancient time, an allure to all that is Chinese.

The average American, others as well around the world, only knows China through their fortune cookies, an American invention. Tom walks you through ancient and present-day history in such a way you are never lost exploring behind the scenes in this vivid historical narrative.

China Intercept is nonfiction relatable portrait about the common Chinese, their everyday life, and relationship between their community. Someone older, patient, and wise, who understood you when you were young and searching for answers, helped you see the world as a more profound place, and gave you sound advice to help you make your way through this world without accepting rejection for that which is foreign to you.

A Chinese life, the poverty life of a Chines peasant and the wealthy flamboyant Chinese, exhibits differing lifestyles centuries apart. Tom relives for you his time in China among his Chinese students, communist government officials, street entrepreneurs, Chinese elite, and the Chinese peasant.

You don’t have to be Chinese to dine at the Chinese table. One of life’s great lessons is to regard different types of people and ways of life with tolerance and respect of ways that are not your ways.

The Only People You Should Not Like, Are People Like You, Since They Know Nothing About You ...

The Musician's Song (For Everyone Who Loves Music)

This classic book shines a wonderful appreciation for the vocalists, musicians, and their history ... There is a Last Song ... the Musician's Song ... Ages 6 to 100.

Music makes us smile.
Music moves us to elevate our senses.
Music draws the best memories from each of us.
You don’t have to be a musician or know anything about music to love this book.
Let’s take a walk down golden music lane together with some of the musical generations where all the great music you know started.

Chapters ... What Makes a Musician - Money & Success in the Music Business - 1 Robert Johnson - 2 Blind Lemon Jefferson - 3 Samuel John Lightnin Hopkins - 4 Ma Rainey - 5 Thomas Dorsey - 6 Mamie Smith - 7 Bessie Smith - 8 Willie Dixon - 9 John Lee Hooker - 10 Billie Holiday - 11 Aretha Franklin - 12 Janis Joplin - 13 Elvis Presley - 14 The Beatles - 15 Muddy Waters - 16 Pop - 17 Soul - 18 R&B - 19 Reggae - 20 Country - 21 Conjunto - 22 Love Songs - 23 Smooth Sound - 24 Romantic Ballads - 25 One-Hit Wonders

Business Plan Outline (Guide to Millionaire Status)

The most complete comprehensive instructional self-guided detailed workbook ... Still on the desk and used today by many entrepreneurs and millionaires.

Want self-improvement and independence, this is where you begin.
An outline is for you who don’t want to read volumes of words and long paragraphs.
Your mind won’t stop racing with new ideas.

Challenge to the Family Business Owner and Entrepreneur ... Chapters ... 1 The 40 Rules for Conducting Family Business - 2 The 10 Week Planning Guide for Startup - 3 Business Plan Outline (The Business - The Financials) - 4 Financial Ratios (Liquidity - Solvency - Efficiency - Profitability - Short-term Liquidity - Long-term Liquidity - Operating Efficiency - Investment) - 5 Financial Statements (Cash to Open Business - Sources of Cash Worksheet - Cash to Be Paid Out at Startup - Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement - Quarterly Budget Analysis - Five-Year Income Projection - Profit & Loss (P&L) Income Statement - Balance Sheet - Success Data) - 6 Handling Money (Over Your Head in Debt - Overflowing with Cash in the Family Business - Investing Activities - Stocks - Real Estate - Partnerships and Corporations) - 7 Securing Cash (Rule on Cash - Rule on Borrowing Money) - 8 Odds of Success (Women Small Businesses - Minority Small Businesses - Odds of the Self-employed - Family Business Income - VIP to Know about Real World of the Family Business - Discretionary Spending Power Forecast - Degrees of Education for the Entrepreneur - Success Stats - Millionaire Club) - 9 Telecommuting and Networking (Offices Are Obsolete - Contracts - Dress for Success - Cell Phone and Technology - Cyber Security - Telecommuting - Networking - Digital Marketing - Family Business Life Cycle - Legacy) - 10 First Customer (Top 10 Risks of the Family Business - Marketing and Sales - Marketing Mix) - 11 Marketing (The 5 P’s of Marketing - Demand by Price or Quality) - 12 New Development (Six Stages of New Product and New Business Development - Time to Launch) - 13 Life Cycles (Five Stages of the Product Life Cycle (PLC) or Business Life Cycle (BLC) - It’s Over) - 14 Marketing (Marketing and Sales Organization - Marketing Factors and Figures - Marketing Financial Planning - Marketing Financial Reports -Intellectual Property Rights - Thirteen Most Common Marketing Errors - Highest Pay in Marketing - Ten Greatest Marketing Risks) - 15 Competition - 16 Culture - 17 Ethics and Cultural Policy - 18 Management - 19 Causes for Failure in Management - 20 Contingency Planning - 21 Finance - 22 Invisible Flexible Portable Factory (Operational Factory Plan - Space Age Manufacturing) - 23  Research and Development - 24 Exporting and Importing (Freight Forwarder Exporting - Customs Broker Importing) - 25 Government Agencies and International Organizations - 26 Political Policy - 27 Business Intelligence (Seven Basics of Business Intelligence - Business Intelligence Profile - Business Intelligence Ethics - Unethical and Illegal Business Acts - Five Business Intelligence Questions) - 28 Military Strategy and Business (Military Tactics and Strategy for Business - MOOSEMUSS) - 29 History of the Family Business - 30 Personal Plan (Personal Improvement - Personal Development - Preparing Yourself - Your Financial Future - Meaning of Money - Prescription for Happiness)

Cultures in Different Countries (Travel-Business-Investing)

Have Culture Will Travel ... Ever wonder about what the news and others are talking about? ... Want to be ahead in business and investing? ... This is your most valuable resource you could ever have about what is going on all around you.

Your best travel companion - - - - - Adventure to anywhere in the world with confidence - - - - - Guide for having conversations with people from anywhere in the world.

Topic Headings ... Culture Regions of the World - Forks Chopsticks Hands - America - Asia - Europe - Middle East - Africa - Social Graces in a Changing Society

Space Nuggets (Space Entrepreneurship for Small Business on Earth and in the Extraterrestrial) 

The small business entrepreneur's time has come to tie your dreams to the stars ... the openings to sell - trade - buy - import from outer space is starting ... The Space Race is On ... Don't get Left Behind ... Prepare and Get Involved Now.

Calling all business entrepreneurs for space industrialization, space colonization, space mining, space manufacturing and space retail shops and stores on earth.
Looking for new untouched wealth, look no further ... the space economy is the greatest source of new money ... see your future inside these pages.
There is a gold mine of riches for economic and financial investing in outer space.
Think of the new space lifestyle, art, music, architecture, travel, entertainment, exploration, health, science, supply chains, and job preparation for work in the cosmos.

Chapters ... Nugget 1 Space Travel, Exploration and Colonization - Nugget 2 Art & Design for Outer Space Health and Longevity - Nugget 3 Job Preparation for the Future of Work in the Cosmos - Nugget 4 New Wealth in the Extradimensional - Nugget 5 Space Economy, Financial Investing and Business - Nugget 6 Entrepreneurship and Small Business for Space - Nugget 7 Oxygen, Water and Agriculture Space Business - Nugget 8 Space Science, Industries and Technology - Nugget 9 Space Mining and Manufacturing - Nugget 10 The Space Acquisition Race

Space Intelligence Agency (The Future ... Spies-Intelligence-Military-Beyond Governments on Earth-War in the Extraterrestrial)

Earth is entering a new era of preparation for exploration and colonization and war in space ... The blueprint for the future of the twenty-first century.

The time is now for the Space Federation Council and Space Intelligence Agency to become the single and sole government and security shield representing all the countries of earth in the cosmos.
The movement in the transfer of power of earth’s governments to an intergalactic tribunal is necessary for the survival of earth and the participation of earth to join the existing Federation of Planets.
What seems like fiction at the time is nonfiction in reality.
This may seem too unbelievable to be so ... but it will happen in a blink of an eye and change earth forever.

Chapter 1 Detection Vigilance Mitigation Beyond Earth - Chapter 2 ETs and UFOs Target Earth - Chapter 3 Allure of the Cosmos for Spying and Espionage - Chapter 4 Space Travel for Gathering Intelligence - Chapter 5 Disease and Obstacle Threats - Chapter 6 Intergalactic Security - Chapter 7 Espionage in the Galactic - Chapter 8 Space Counterinsurgency and Counterintelligence - Chapter 9 Extraterrestrial and Federation Wars - Chapter 10 The SIA blueprint and structure for the first Space Intelligence Agency

Alien Presence (Earth Cohabitation-Moon Observational Spy Bases)

Sometimes the truth is always called a conspiracy by the government.
ETs ... UFO Flight Paths ... Moon Bases ... Space Spy Bases ... Space Forces ... Military Defense Outposts ... Evidence and Testimony about Alien Presence and Encounters ... The No. 1 Most Complete Best Selling book about ETs, Aliens Living on Earth, UFOs and UAPs in a Full History supported by Documentation and Pictures.

The documentation of evidence presented states absolutely there are ETs in many different races, from many different planets and solar systems present, traveling to and fro, and living among us on earth.
The major gateway to earth for the UFO flight path entering earth’s atmosphere and more UFO sightings than any country in the world is Chile.
Former Ministers of Defense and Space Security Chiefs and heads-of-state are in contact with galactic federation of extraterrestrials and knowledgeable about their activities on earth ... friend? or threat?
The reaction is space forces, spy bases, and space stations, the reality is the Space Federation Council and Space Intelligence Agency, an invention from the book Space Intelligence Agency ... Spies and Espionage in the Space Race.

Chapters ... Space 1 Time to Traverse the Universe - Space 2 Extraterrestrial - Space 3 Extraterrestrial Alien Life Forms on Earth - Space 4 Extraterrestrial Law and Jurisdiction - Space 5 Revealing Sensitive Declassified ET and UFO Documents - Space 6 Governments and Militaries Worldwide ET-UFO Encounters - Space 7 Space Forces - Space 8 Science and the Unexplained Reality of ETs and UFOs - Space 9 Neighbors ... Moon Extraterrestrial Spy Base - Space 10 Far Away Habitat Galaxies ... Not So Far Away

The Culture of Russia (Memoir-Travel-Educational)

Russia is in the news daily ... How much do you know about Russia? ... This exceptional story takes you behind the scenes of Russian life through the eyes of an American.

Have you ever tasted Khlebsol salt-bread or Karavay sweet-bread?
Bread is the symbol of life.
In Russia the ancient custom of welcoming a visitor or honoring an important guest with a rounded loaf of bread with a salt cellar on top is the highest mark of hospitality.
Being able to take a peek look inside Russia’s intriguing history, its people, rich culture, world-class education, and folklore lifestyle is an experience few ever venture.
Whether for fun, travel, business or diplomacy, developing meaningful cultural relationships is possible with your Culture of Russia book.

Chapter 1 Russian Orthodox Church - Chapter 2 Education of Russian Youth - Chapter 3 - A Cultural Heritage of Russia - Chapter 4 Crafts and Fashion of Russia - Chapter 5 - Art and Literature of Russia - Chapter 6 The R-Protocol of Business in Russia - Chapter 7 Essential Knowledge for Doing Business Inside Russia - Chapter 8 Understanding the Russian Legal System for Business - Chapter 9 Negotiating Anything in Capitalist Russia - Chapter 10 - Letter of an American Traveler to Russia

Spy History (Spies-Code Names-Intelligence-Espionage-Myths-Legends)

This one-of-a-kind complete chronological treatise covers, since the beginning, all the intelligence agencies and services in history ... Bet you have thought about or dreamed about being a spy ... ? ... well here is your chance to see if you have what it takes. 

The research for this book was conducted over 50-years.
It cannot be replicated or reproduced since its original sources no longer exist.
Do you know the 52 ideals sought for recruitment of a spy?
Are you familiar with the intelligence analysis techniques used by the intelligence services and law enforcement?
Desire a job as an intelligence analyst, covert spy, or teacher of intelligence?
You have it all in your hands.

Chapters ... SPY 1 Language of the Spy - SPY 2 The Secret World of the Spy - SPY 3 Fathers of Intelligence - SPY 4 Spies Who Are Myths - SPY 5 The Spy Game - SPY 6   Intelligence Services and Agencies - SPY 7 Business Intelligence and Industrial Espionage - SPY 8 Military Intelligence and War - SPY 9 Spies Who Are Legend - SPY 10 National Security

How to Start a Business in 20 Days (Inspirational-Quick Income-Transitioning to a Home-Base Small Business)

20 Days to Freedom ... This step-by-step guide of wisdom from many of the world’s greatest millionaires takes one from nothing to an income in 20-days.

The self-improvement book for those who are miserable in their job, broke, have trouble paying the bills, unemployed, can’t find a decent job, or need an immediate income.

Chapters ... DAY 1 Entrepreneurs Start at the Top - DAY 2 How Do You Decide What You Want to Do? - DAY 3 Construction Work Begins - DAY 4 Sometimes Big Things Come from Little Moments - DAY 5 What’s in a Name - DAY 6 Leadership in the Small Business Enterprise - Day 7 A Time to Question - DAY 8 Entrepreneur Style of Management - Day 9 Employees Make You Rich - DAY 10 All You Need Is A Customer - Day 11 Planning on Profit - DAY 12 The Inverse Pyramid - Day 13 The Services Industry - DAY 14 The Physical Products Industry - Day 15 Using Real Estate to Make Money - DAY 16 You Do Not Make Money from the Obvious - Day 17 High Profit Sales and Marketing - DAY 18 Game Check - Day 19 Crystal Ball of the Entrepreneur - Day 20 Calm Survival with the Entrepreneur Mind - Entrepreneur Creed for Small Business ... Companion Book to Business Plan Outline

My Mission in Russia (Memoir-Restarting a National Economy-Business Incubator-1989 to 1998 to Today)

This is my story about the implementation of my small business creation in my Business Plan Outline book for the Oblasts and the American incubator program for Russia ... Through extensive research, I created the economic principles in my master business plan that would restart a national economy and industrial base and prevent market turbulence by governmental influences and stabilize economic markets.

I talk extensively about how business is done in Russia and present many examples and stories of their small businesses to illustrate entrepreneurship is alive and well in Russia.
The Russian people and its military were going through a savage period at the time, they needed jobs, new businesses, and acceptance of the new ways of government support leaving behind the old decadent ways of the past.
The Putin Pivot lowered taxes, increased jobs, raised the standard of living, brought about a resurgence of faith in God and religion, and converted a communist country to free-market capitalism, thus accomplishing more than all the past heads-of-state in Russia ... something you will never hear about in the west.
It was a time for Russia and the Russian people to reflect.

Chapter 1 My Mission - Chapter 2 Mission No.1 Business Master Plan - Chapter 3 Orekhovo-Zuyevo Manufacturing Factory - Chapter 4 - Incubator Master Program - Chapter 5 Russia Incubator Program - Chapter 6 - How Business Was Done in Russia - Chapter 7 - Russia Military - Chapter 8 - Restart National Economy and Industrial Base - Chapter 9 - Putin Pivot - Chapter 10 A Time to Reflect

The Collapse of Russia (Memoir-Russian Military Closed Cities-Gorbachev-Putin)

See through the eyes of an American one of history's greatest human tragedies, pictures and an incredible story that the world has never heard about referred to as the collapse of Russia from 1989 to 1998 ... Russia has many exceptional creative talents and thriving entrepreneurs desiring to do business with the rest of the world and it is open to connect with any small business and national economy. 

It was 1998 and still today Russia is heard in the news daily about its proxy war with Washington.
How much do you know about doing business in Russia?
Through the eyes of an American, you can see for yourself the story of how tough Russians are in negotiating, their aggressive business environment, their vodka drinking ceremony for business guests, their Russian mafia activity in business, and still how it is possible to conduct profitable business and trade with honest Russians who will welcome you with a style of luxury reception you will find Russian and pleasing.
After the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union under Gorbachev and the beginning of the Russian Federation renaissance under Vladimir Putin, Russia abandoned its communist ways and embraced free-market capitalism like we did from 1850 to 1963.
I was selected for the Washington exclusive 5-person team sent to Russia at the time.
It was my job to bring a rebirth of small business and entrepreneurship revitalization to the Oblast regions and help restart their national economy.
This story and the pictures taken by me at the time gives you an exclusive inside look into one of history’s most nonconformist countries.
The culture of Russia is one-of-a-kind unique to the world and one of legend and mystic.
Seeing the people, their food, and living conditions at the time leaves one in awe about how could 1989-1998 ever have happened?
Travel to Russia for fun and develop meaningful cultural relationships with an inviting people who look beyond their borders and welcome you with open arms.

Chapter 1 You Want to Go to Russia - Chapter 2 Here I Am in Russia - Chapter 3 First Americans in 6 Closed Cities - Chapter 4 Closed City No.1 Orekhovo-Zuyevo - Chapter 5 Closed City No.2 Reutov - Chapter 6 Closed City No.3 Solnechnogorsk - Chapter 7 Closed City No.4 Serpukhov - Chapter 8 Closed City No.5 Yubileyny - Chapter 9 Closed City No.6 Balashikha - Chapter 10 Understanding Events Leading Up to 1998

Market Intelligence (First and Original Work-Double Helix of Market Intelligence for Outerspace Travel, Exploration, Colonization, War) 

Written by The Father of Market Intelligence ... Reader's Call it Timeless

A new body of knowledge with applications for Intelligence Agencies and Services, Law Enforcement, Business, Students attending Intelligence Schools, Colleges, Universities, Military Intelligence, Political Science Majors, and Outer Space Programs.
Tool to Protect You from Spies, Hostile Competition, Foreign Threats and Enemies.
Safeguarding Your Sensitive Intelligence Secrets from Adversaries.
Reader for Presidents of a Country, Presidents of Major Corporations, Heads of an Intelligent Agency, Heads of Intelligence Services, Heads of Outer Space Programs.
This is What Is Important to Know for the 21st Century.

Chapter 1 Discovery & Origin of Market Intelligence - Chapter 2 Secret World of Market Intelligence - Chapter 3 The Triad and Double Helix of Market Intelligence - Chapter 4 Market Intelligence Organization - Chapter 5 Market Intelligence Operations - Chapter 6 Craft of Market Intelligence - Chapter 7 The Grand Strategy of Market Intelligence - Chapter 8 Why and Who - Chapter 9 What Is Next - Chapter 10 Future of Market Intelligence in Outerspace Travel & Exploration

The Little Personal Finance Book

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