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First Place Historical Nonfiction author Tom Grooms Astrospace and Geopolitical Strategist and Forecaster is The Father of Market Intelligence.

Though a teacher, Tom lived and worked in the real-world. He made his real money and wealth outside the academic environment and classroom.

Life had other plans than teaching, when Tom rediscovered his first work on his creation of market intelligence, and at that moment, knew he wanted to be a full-time author. In his career, drawing on his experience as one of the foremost statesmen, Grooms’ experience from travel, teaching, and working in China, Russia, and other countries gives greater meaning to what he writes.

Now, Tom spends his days in research, crafting entertaining words, positive messages, and stories which are enlightening and profound. He shares his own personal brand encouraging self-improvement to motivational to inspirational at the same time making you better informed, inspiring that better person in you, and influencing a life of fulfillment.

Tom has written over eighteen books on Outer Space, China, Russia, Intelligence Community, Military Peace, and the Family Business. Readers rave over his worldview of China series, geopolitical chronicles, and follow his guidance to plan their future in the space industrialization of extraterrestrial colonization.

Grooms’ worldview on China (China New World Order Alliance and Eye on China) and Russia (The Collapse of Russia and My Mission in Russia) examination of geopolitical currents give a deep understanding of how governments, countries, and events will behave tomorrow.

Growing up, Tom worked in the family business learning every aspect of his father’s grocery store and fashion merchandising of his mother’s dress shop. The entrepreneurial spirit has traveled with him ever since and continues to this day in his own family business.

The most comprehensive books (My Little Business and Keeping It In The Family) ever written for the individual on how to become successful is a culmination from all Tom's extensive work experience is recorded in these books written on business that continues to guide many to become millionaires which are still carried by them and used today. Most of his former-students are entrepreneurs with a family business and new millionaires, which is a great testimony to all that is right, positive, and possible to live the American Dream.

Tom was a Full-Professor of Marketing, International Business, Economics, and the Family Business for 50-years. Law Professor for 40-years specialty teaching Insurance Law, Real Estate Law, CPA Law, Business Law, and International Law, 1991 author of the book International Business Law for The 21st Century Executive.

Tom enjoys reading everything, world travel, long walks, and a comfortable rocking chair. He can’t wait to rise early to start writing, knowing there is nothing like your first cup of coffee in the morning and your last drink at night.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Tom Grooms
Full-Professor of Marketing and Full-Professor of International Business

Walking in the Footsteps of Seniors
This entertaining talk is for anyone of ages 12 to 100. It's a delighful story about how seniors shaped lives and changed history.
Speaker to Past Audiences: Chamber of Commerce's, Civic Clubs, Retired Teacher Organizations, Foreign Affairs Groups and World Trade Clubs, Veteran Organizations.

Book 2 of 3 on Family Business Release Soon !!!

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Both introspective and retrospective, my books explore outer space, intelligence and business through the lenses of the future.


SPACE NUGGETS ... Industrialization of Outer Space

This was the original and first book ever written on getting started as an outer space entrepreneur selling goods and services in galactic markets.

The time has come to tie your little business to the Stars. 

Gaining entry into the industrialization of outer space markets throughout the universe and how to make money necessitates the groundwork of knowledge found inside these pages. Earth is extending into the cosmos with settlements, energy bases, and colonization outposts.

The scattering of earthlings on other planets is presently seeding our future with new businesses and astronomical profits ... what's in your bank account ...?

The Space Race is on ... are you positioned at liftoff ...? ... don’t be left behind ... prepare and get a piece of the action ... and the action is bigger than you can imagine.

It’s time to think of yourself as a space prospector, mars magnet, or galactic baron. Whether you live or trade on earth or space outposts, the scattering of earthlings on other planets will validate our future among the stars.

Whatever planet you live on, there is always business. Business that could be yours.

Space money may only be digital credits and non-human relationships may become the new lifestyle where there will always be something to be sold and waiting buyers. You shouldn't afford to pass-up ths business adventure and moment in time.

SPACE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ... First Outer Space Intelligence Service and Spy Agency

The Future of Earth, its existence, and its place in the alignment of the planets is in play. The growing need for a single governance body and outer space intelligence agency is required for earth’s entry into the federation of planets. It was of personal interest to me to lead the way into the cosmos. We have come to acknowledge a future of dealing with ET Spies, alien forces and wars, technology, and interplanetary spacecraft calling for the necessity of gathering extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Interplanetary Space Law
"Earth has no legal jurisdiction beyond the atmosphere of planet Earth. There is no existing governing body of planet Earth having the authority to codify laws, exercise police powers, or form a tribunal to hear disputes on matters related to outer space. The United Nations has no legal jurisdictional in outer space.  Space-participating nations on planet Earth coexist by agreements of treaty between each other for now, hopefully peacefully, in outer space. The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 about country space law does not have the authority or jurisdiction to grant or restrict space activity as space travel, space mining, space exploration, or control of weaponization of outer space. Outer space exists among a comity confederation of planets. Space federations have jurisdiction of extraterrestrial rule." (Tom Grooms J.D. 2021 pp. 93)

Earth is entering a new era of preparation for exploration and colonization and war in space ... The blueprint for the future of the twenty-first century.

The time is now for the Space Federation Council and Space Intelligence Agency to become the single and sole government and security shield representing all the countries of earth in the cosmos.

The movement in the transfer of power of earth’s governments to an intergalactic tribunal is necessary for the survival of earth and the participation of earth to join the existing Federation of Planets.

What seems like fiction at the time is nonfiction in reality.

This may seem too unbelievable to be so ... but it will happen in a blink of an eye and change earth forever.

4 Published News Headlines right out of the pages from the “Space Intelligence Agency” ...

“Shocking: Leaked PHOTO & classified reports shed light on Pentagon's UFO-tracking activities.”

“US signed deal with ALIEN Galactic Federation to experiment on humans claims Israeli ex-military space chief in bizarre interview.”

“Former Israeli Space Security Chief Haim Eshed head of the Israeli military’s space division has claimed that Tel Aviv and Washington have contacted a ‘Galactic Federation’ of extraterrestrials, but that mankind is not ready for the ‘truth’ about life in the cosmos.”

“… identification of any incidents or patterns that indicate a potential adversary may have achieved breakthrough aerospace capabilities that could put United States strategic or conventional forces at risk.”

ALIEN PRESENCE ... Most Complete Best-Selling Book on ETs, UFOs, UAPs, USOs, Aliens Living on Earth in Full History

The journey we are about to take together is a historic one. The reason is we are being introduced to the cohabitation of ETs among us. My extensive research gives you what we know today and what we will be exposed to tomorrow. You don’t need to be afraid or feel helpless. We have ET friends and guardians guiding our entry into the cosmos. If you are a person of faith, skeptic, or extraterrestrial, there is no evidence or testimony in conflict with our everyday.

Sometimes the truth is always called a conspiracy by the government.
ETs ... UFO Flight Paths ... Moon Bases ... Space Spy Bases ... Space Forces ... Military Defense Outposts ... Evidence and Testimony about Alien Presence and Encounters ...

Have you ever wondered if there are ETs and UFOs or is this just mumbo-jumbo ... ?

Now you have answers in the No.1 Most Complete Best-Selling book ever written about ETs, Aliens Living on Earth, UFOs and UAPs in a Full History supported by Documentation and Pictures.

The documentation of evidence presented states absolutely there are ETs in many different races, from many different planets and solar systems present, traveling to and fro, and living among us on earth.

The major gateway to earth for the UFO flight path entering earth’s atmosphere and more UFO sightings than any country in the world is Chile.

Former Ministers of Defense, Space Security Chiefs, and heads-of-state are in contact with galactic federation of extraterrestrials and knowledgeable about their activities on earth ... friend? or threat?

There exist both friend, ETs which live among us and interbred producing an evolutionary breed of earthlings, and foe, extraterrestrials beyond and inside of our planet planning their conquest by military action and war take-over and control of Earth and our populations.

The reaction to this phenomenon has been the establishment of space forces, spy bases, and space stations from the reality of the necessity for a Space Federation Council and Space Intelligence Agency, a creation directly originated from the book Space Intelligence Agency ... Spies and Espionage in the Space Race.



RED ALERT ... The Best Geopolitical Book of the 21st Century of the China You Don't Know ... A Must Read

In this compelling book, Tom Grooms the Father of Market Intelligence, Geopolitical Strategist and Forecaster reveals the most complete work ever written on China’s ambitious new geopolitical strategy to reclaim its position as the sole World Power for a third time and explains how and why this is happening in 2020-2070, the next 50 years forecast for China.

Anyone thinking China will coexist with America, while Washington abnegates, does not understand the forces at play now surrounding the world order.

$1 Trillion GNP ... 2013 was the year China became the largest country economy in the world with the largest GNP surpassing the US by over $1 trillion dollars in total economy. GNP (Gross National Product = Total Country Economy) – Not the publicized GDP (Gross Domestic Product = Inside Country Economy only minus Exports and Imports, a partial economic picture).

As the Russia-China 2600-mile border dissolves, Tom showcases the newly forming strategic and tactical alliances between China and the realigning countries of the world. China sees the world through the lens of its PLA military, deep outer space exploration and colonization program, and CCP political party China communist authoritarian government rule.

Like so many people throughout the world, you don’t know much about China, its geopolitical expansion, or the perils to engage in business there with the Chinese under a Marxist socialist government in a socialist-market economy. The knowing what China is doing today is useful for anyone trying to better understand the growing split between Beijing and Washington.

The result is mounting tension between the chief superpowers of China, Russia, United States, and realliance by all the other countries having to unify with one of the three. China is exercising its wherewithal to convert the rebuilt world’s composure into a Confucian-socialist order leading in reform of the global governance system.

There has never been a true world order, democracy, capitalism, socialism, or communism to exist anywhere or at anytime ... only oligarchic totalitarianism. Absolute rule can exist in any political system or form of government.

Tom’s writing in this cutting-edge nonfiction was the first extensive thinking and accurate forecast what China is doing over the next 50-year period to 2070. Drawing on his experience as one of the foremost statesmen, Tom’s prophecy for China is happening now and what to come is rapidly moving in the direction of his foretelling for the 21st century.

If you think World War III will be bad ... This will be worse ...

Reviews ...

Every American needs to read Tom’s latest book China New World Order Alliance. It’s the most important message for America today and the future of the United States.  Mike Jones, Mr. Texas – Mr. U.S.A. Runner Up 9-times Body Building Nationals ... book author of the Animal X Series.

I'm 20-pages in. This literally is the best 20-pages of a book I have ever read. I'm just taken back so far. John Hurst – Senior Bank Vice President, Arkansas


China Is Everywhere and Nowhere ...

China is the World's Most Secret Spy Service – Largest Blue Water Navy and globally expanding PLA Military. The cause of conflict with Taiwan and Ukraine hid from view are revealed. Intercontinental Hypersonic Ballistic Missiles advancement, programming, and  placement are changing the perimeter for war. China’s Outer Space Weapons & Warfare doctrine establishes priority number one.

     Declaration of World War III was benchmarked on Tuesday 2 August 2022. The hinge factor occurred the day Washington landed a diplomatic delegation and contingent paramilitary force in Taiwan designating a historical marker Washington was officially declaring war on Beijing.

Washington’s unification of Russia with China and Iran has added to its primary adversaries. Working to defend Americans has become career breakers.

Washington are individuals who see Russia as their primary adversary. The problem is acerbated when our disinformation is believable. Rightly so.

All overt and covert intelligence activities by all intelligence agencies the world over do the same things to each other in the intelligence wars. It's all part of the great game.

It’s like two bullies on the playground wanting the other one to start a fight. Don’t cross that line, one steps across, don’t cross that line, no don’t you cross that line.

Don’t push me. No, don’t you push me. Don't you hit, no don't you hit me.

If you want to fight, take the first punch and blame it on the other one ... afterall, isn’t that what governments do ...? ... Isn't that how wars start ...?

     Eye on China illuminates the inner workings of spycraft in espionage by the MSS state secret service within its vast spy network focusing on America, England, and Australia. China’s increasing naval and military prowess now control the China Sea and is extending eastward to Midway Island.

In this sweeping and insightful series of events happening right now in China, Tom Grooms the Father of Market Intelligence and China forecaster for the first time puts in print his geopolitical analysis about China’s expanding empire into a worldwide blanket of Confucian socialism. It has left Washington in confusion while it continues dangling the democracy credo whencesoever knowingly that Democracy doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, especially in Washington using the terminology wrongfully.

Hardcore revelations about the capabilities of the China’s Ministry of State Security worldwide spy network operating outside the focus of mainstream counterintelligence has created a nightmare for countries operating with limited funding and means. These original thoughts, uncensored and things you have never heard of before, are revealing about China’s future objectives of deep-space colonization marking its territory first in the extraterrestrial.

     Eye on China provides historical perspective on Chinese MSS intelligence, PLA military, and CCP foreign affairs from one of the most up-to-date and knowledgeable statesmen of our time.

While we have an Eye on China ... China has Eyes on us ...


Tom’s China Memoir ... My story begins at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport of China in February 2006. To know China is to understand the 21st Century. The people of China presented give you what the real China is like. The story and pictures take you into the soul of the Chinese and their everyday lifestyle. China is a wonderful place to visit, shop, and conduct business. As long as you are nice and well behaved, you will have no problems.

The average American, as well as others around the world, only knows CHINA through their Fortune Cookie, an American invention.

Maybe, you’ve been told not to like the Chinese, the government of China is going to kill you and your family, and they are your enemy. Or maybe, the Chinese, are people just like you ...? ... and being told the same thing about you.

A Chinese life, the poverty life of a Chines peasant and the wealthy flamboyant Chinese, exhibit differing lifestyles centuries apart. Tom relives for you his time in China among his Chinese students, communist government officials, street entrepreneurs, Chinese elite, and the Chinese peasant.

It was 2013 when China became the world’s largest country economy measured in GNP by over $1 trillion greater than the entire US economy and remains so today. The Chinese love their country and government.

China is not Japan. It cannot be accurately judged through the eyes of economic filters applied in other countries.

The masses are the real China and the individual Chinese is esoteric from Chinese food to its legendary people, folklore, rituals, and customs of ancient time, an allure to all that is Chinese.

Tom takes you on his walks and drives through ancient and present-day history in such a way you are never lost exploring behind the scenes of beauty in this vivid historical narrative.

This story is part portrait about the common Chinese, their everyday life, and relationship between their community. Someone older, being patient and wise, may have understood you when you were young and searching for answers, helped you see the world as a more profound place, and gave you sound advice to help you make your way through this world without accepting rejection for that which is foreign to you.

You don’t have to be Chinese to dine at the Chinese table, only invited. One of life’s greatest pleasures is to regard different types of people and ways of life with tolerance and respect of ways that are not your ways.

The Only People You Should Not Like, Are People Like You, Since They Know Nothing About You ...


Tom’s Russia Memoir ... Part 2 among the Russian people ... This Russian story of tragedy is one the world should always remember. If you don’t, it could happen to you. I was one of the main architects contributing to the revitalization and stabilization of the Russian economy. By so doing, it helped restoring entrepreneurship by implementing the principles in my master Business Plan Outline book and applying the Grooms Rule of 5 on a national scale.

It’s 1989, the depth of the greatest depression in history when Russia lost more people than all of World War I and World War II together from starvation.

Russia asked for help wanting the American Incubator System Program and Washington responded with a 5-person team of which I was selected to be one of its members. We were the first Americans in the 7-Oblasts and Closed Cities of Orekhovo, Zuyevo, Reutov, Solnechnogorsk, Serpukhov, Yubileyny, and Balashikha.

The end of the Cold War (1947-1989) was immediately followed by the Great Depression (1989-1998) of Russia. History played out 10-years of brutal deep destruction, not only of the economy, but also including the collapse of the Russian government and military.

I was witness to the entire country in the bottom period of collapse, as the entire country stopped on 17 August 1998. The Russian people, its businesses, and entire military fell apart leaving open Russia’s borders unsecured and unprotected.

It was 4-months later after our departure in December, Vladimir Putin began his rise to power as President of Russia. Russia was in a deep state of despair due to the failure of socialism since 1917-1989.

The Putin Pivot occurred when Vladimir Putin entered office as President of Russia. His first act was to purge the hard-core Communists from government and their control on the national economy. The pre-1998 Russia and the post-1998 Russia are two entirely different Russia's.

Putin was a scholar of what made America so successful in its rise to world power from the industrial revolution beginning in 1850 through building its industrial empire to the height of US in 1963.

Upon taking office, Putin immediately set in motion to lower taxes, increase jobs, ignite small business, raise the standard of living of the Russian people, bring about a resurgence of faith in God and religion in the Russian Orthodox Church, and convert a communist country to free-market laissez-faire, thus accomplishing more than all the past heads-of-state in Russia ... something you will never hear about in the west.

Whatever you think of Russia from our past Cold War history, intelligence, spies, espionage, and military competition, the Russian people are tough as nails and resourceful. Conflicting government ambitions will always exist and should be regarded with caution.

Putin’s greatest contribution was restoring Hope to the Russian people.

I was honored to have represented my country with such an iconic culture of people.


Tom’s Russia Memoir ... Part 1 among the Russian people ... My story begins upon my arrival in 1998 during the worst time and darkest days in Russian history. It’s time you learn about the largest loss of life which occurred during the collapse of Russia, more than any time in its history. Not only did the economy collapse, but also the country leaving its borders wide open and unsecured for months, making this the greatest depression to ever overwhelm a people. Its scars remain and its memories seeded in the minds of those who survived.

Imagine 1914-1917 World War I and the rise of Socialism on the world stage from inside Russia.
1929-1939 the First Great Depression and spread of Communism in the world from Russia.
1940-1945 World War II the fight to establish Socialism as compatible to Capitalistic Controlled Markets, Liberty and Freedom.
1947-1989 the indoctrination of Socialism bankrupting countries around the world including Russia, and you have some idea of how long it took for people and heads-of-state to realize this is destructive and doesn’t work. 

Do you want to live in a Socialist country ...? Nope ... because socialism is a highly intoxicating tool to enslave populations and establish dictatorships in countries.

My first introduction was that all Americans are gangsters and spies. It did not take long to dispel this propaganda notion that we were more like them ... just people trying to pay the bills and survive and not a threat to their security.

We were a five -person team sent by Washington and the first Americans in 7-closed cities ... Reutov, Orekhovo, Zuyevo, Solnechnogorsk, Serpukhov, Yubileyny, and Balashikha. A closed city was a military complex town that only government officials and ranking military officers were per mitted to enter or leave ... this provided exceptional security during the Cold War.

While the Oligarch middle class disappeared, there arose a new spirit of entrepreneurs hungry for success. Russia has many exceptional creative talents and thriving entrepreneurs desiring to do business with the rest of the world and open to connect with any small business and national economy anywhere in the world.

Through the eyes of an American, you can see for yourself the story of how tough Russians are in negotiating, their aggressive business environment, their vodka drinking ceremony for business guests, their Russian mafia activity in business, and still how it is possible to conduct profitable business and trade with honest Russians who will welcome you with a style of luxury reception you will find Russian and pleasing.

The Collapse ...

World economies and markets reverberated during those 3-historical days in1998.

August 13 Russia defaulted on its government debt causing an immediate monetary system collapse which in turn triggered rapidly falling prices.

August 17 Russia’s Stock Market Crashed, its RTS Russian Trading System closed, the Bond Market and Ruble currency trading platforms stopped and collapsed.

September 2 the Russian Central Bank activated the Ruble into a free-floating currency with its value being determined by the world currency markets, food prices rapidly increased, social unrest grew, public demonstrations rose due to extreme hardships, and the workers said ‘no pay – no work’ and walked off the job across all of Russia leaving the country at a standstill. ... the workers never returned to complete their tasks and Russia became a polarized situation.

After the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union under Gorbachev, the Yeltsin purge, and the beginning of the Russian Federation renaissance under Vladimir Putin, Russia abandoned its communist ways and embraced free-market laissez-faire like we did from 1850 to 1963, as then and today democracy and capitalism did not and does not nor ever existed.

This story and the pictures taken by me at the time gives you an exclusive inside look into one of history’s most nonconformist countries. The culture of Russia is one-of-a-kind unique to the world and one of legend and mystic.

Meeting and seeing the people, eating their food, and living under Russian conditions at the time leaves one in awe about how could 1989-1998 ever have happened ...?

I encourage you to travel to Russia for fun and develop meaningful cultural relationships with an inviting people who look beyond their borders and welcome you with open arms.

CULTURE OF RUSSIA ... Tom Inside Russia

Russia is in the news daily ... How much do you know about Russia ... ? ... Everyone wants to know about Russia. You want to better understand Russia from a historical perspective. Russia is rich in strategic minerals, metals and natural resources. Delve inside one of the most unique cultures ever existed, its unity of people, and diverse customs.  

Tom tells this exceptional story from inside Russia and behind the scenes of Russian life as seen through the eyes of an American.

Have you ever tasted Khlebsol salt-bread or Karavay sweet-bread ... ? ... Bread is the symbol of life.

In Russia the ancient custom of welcoming a visitor or honoring an important guest with a heated rounded loaf of bread with a salt cellar on top is the highest mark of hospitality.

Being able to take a peek look inside Russia’s intriguing history, friendly people, distinct culture, world-class education, and one-of-a-kind folklore lifestyle is an experience few ever venture.

Visit inside the Russian Orthodox Church, learn of Russia’s Cultural Heritage, its Art and Fashion, World Class Literature, Best Known for its Poetry representing the Russian soul, and the R-Protocol of essential knowledge for Doing Business in Russia.

The background and history inside this great book will open your eyes to better understand the War in the Ukraine, the formation of the BRICKS alliance, and Russia unification with China.

Whether for fun, travel, business or diplomacy, developing meaningful cultural relationships is possible with your Culture of Russia book.


Whether you eat with a fork or chopsticks or your hands, you are always at the table of differences. Your clothes or their clothes are cultural variations of past histories.

We live in a highly mixed multi-cultural world of vast differences in all aspects of life ... some familiar and many foreign. From your neighbor next door to across this magnificent world, you find people in all walks of life.

To better understand why the world revolves as it does, we must begin with finding a lack of acceptance for each other which comes naturally and historically. People don’t like people who are different, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but people are uncomfortable and sometimes scared of what they don’t understand ... thus a positive reason for this book.

Just look what happens when governments try to force socialism, shining equality on a people, forming a lawless and godless country, and the greatest expansion of poverty and enslavement. History repeats and each time more harshly.

There are only two races ... people who are nice and people who are not nice. Socialization can only happen on an individual basis, not on a country scale.

The best way to keep a customer is to not offend them. Cross-cultural communication and language is an art expressed in the words used in speech and written messages. There is an emphasis upon the role of social etiquette and interpersonal relationships with personal conduct.

Your politeness and linguistic behaviors used demonstrate a regard and consideration for others. Civility will help ensure your acceptance to others, so always be on your best behavior.

People in every community of the world influence a way of life. Though distinctions arise in cultures between individuals and countries, a pattern of commonality emerges as a general pattern in each society.

Have Culture Will Travel ... America – United Kingdom – Australia – Asia – Europe – Middle East – Africa – Latin America – South America.

SPY HISTORY ... Only Complete Book on the Spy

You dream of being a spy ...?

Well, here is your chance to learn what mental and physical attributes it takes to become a James Bond 007 and living the secret life of the rich and famous while traveling the world incognito.

This rare and exclusive one-of-a-kind nonfiction began in the 1960s. This complete chronological history covers all the intelligence agencies and acknowledged 168 names, dates, agencies, and code names of legendary spies which cannot be traced or duplicated as most all of the sources no longer exist.

My founding principles of the spy community provide a comprehensive historical background in the spy business, spycraft, and espionage for training new recruits in intelligence agencies and services, college and exclusive intelligence degree programs, and the casual curiosity reader wanting a reliable book source for their own knowledge.

Reading this book is only the first step leading into the secretive world of the spy. The type of person sought and invited into the club will have many of the qualities found within these pages needed at the time of history and type of mission.

Ode to a Spy
Thomas (Tom) Fletcher Grooms

Young spies fight wars.
Old spies fight death.
All other spies fight each other.


Market Intelligence ... The First and Original Work – Double Helix of Market Intelligence for Heads-of-State, Corporations, Outerspace Travel, Exploration, Colonization, War

Tom Grooms discovered Market Intelligence, thus designated the Father of Market Intelligence. Tom defined and wrote the first peer reviewed study on market intelligence warding him one of his three earned doctorates.

Peter N C Cooke of England, my supervisor at Henley, was the only person who recognized the value of what I was accomplishing and one of my few supporters during my lifetime.

To begin imagine the scope of the cosmos and infinity and you have your first introduction of the idea of market intelligence. It is the most complete intelligence environment known to exist.

Market Intelligence (MKI) is gathered through internal analysis, competition analysis, and market analysis about the total environment forming a broad spectrum of assembled knowledge, which is then used for developing scenarios so that timely reporting of vital foreknowledge for future planning in the areas of strategic, tactical, and counter-intelligence decision-making can be applied operationally and strategically in respect to the whole organization's strategic interest for the whole market.” (Grooms 1991, 1998, 2001)

The structure of the Model of Market Intelligence is a Double Helix that can usurp to make copies of itself in other dimensions and realities to reveal an ever infinity of knowledge and forecasts. The Market Intelligence Model provides a missing link present in organizations at the highest levels. The model gives reassurance to help ensure a broad scope of checks and balances protecting the CEO, senior executives and government senior officials as well as the organization, its value and performance. Market Intelligence is what makes all intelligence ... intelligence. (Total Market Environment)

Next market intelligence plays an essential role in the intelligence community of governments. It safeguards sensitive classified intelligence and espionage of governments and foreign enemies.

Finally, market intelligence takes the lead as the first and premier outer space intelligence service and agency. You discover inside the framework for the Double Helix of Market Intelligence, it’s designed to represent planet earth in a federation of planets.

Market intelligence has business applications providing missing intelligence checks on critical and valued executive information, counterintelligence to spies and industrial espionage of intellectual property from hostile competition, safety and security to the company.

Written by The Father of Market Intelligence ... Reader's Call it Timeless



(Coming in 2025)

Book 3 of 3 The Family Business Series - This is the last book, I will write on business (comprehensive on money & finance).


This is my best work ... (Soon First Readers Book Launch for a Limited Time Special Amazon Release Price)

The family business is the greatest existence of Hope any human being can ever have in their lifetime.

Book 2 of 3 The Family Business Series (comprehensive on family business)

This book takes you to a whole new level of expertise in the family business beyond what experienced-owners know.

I’ve done everything I’ve written about and much more. It is my wish for you to become as successful as me.

It’s not what if ... it’s why not.


Book 1 of 3 The Family Business Series

I grew up in a small town working in the family business. My grandfather had the grocery store on the town square, my father had a small grocery store, and mother a small dress shop.

The stories tell you how to move away from existing paycheck to paycheck to living a stress-free life, having money, and enjoying independence.

Most of my former-students are entrepreneurs with a family business and new millionaires, which is a great testimony to all that is right, positive, and possible to live the American Dream.

You won’t need to work through lunch on the day of your funeral ...?



No Job ... No Money ... No Food ... You Need a Friend. The average 95% of Americans will continue to struggle each day pay-check to pay-check while thinking to themselves I hate my life.

What do you do when things don’t work out, you get fired, you can’t find a job, you are unemployed, no income, no fun and there is no food on the table, and every second is eating at you like cancer?

You have found yourself in this terrible mess because you didn’t know then what to do and you don’t know now what to do.

You are probably thinking, this is ridiculous, nothing can help me, and I have no way out. These tidbits of wisdom inside this step-by-step guide will take you from nothing to an income in 20-days.

This is a self-generating motivational guide for those of you who are miserable in their jobs and in life, unemployed, can’t find a better job, or need an immediate income. The only way to get out of the dungeon or swamp is to move ... move yourself right now from where you are forward.

I have lived and overcome terrible odds, worked for unethical people, crooks, thieves, ingrates, and the lowest of humanity. All will give you daily stress, the silent killer you don’t need in your life, for all the misery they give you, they will shorten your lifespan ... it ain’t worth it.

So, you’ve lost your job ... your spouse ran away with your best friend and took all your money ... you got evicted and have nowhere to go ... your boss is a jerk making your life miserable, and taking all kinds of advantages over you ... each month you have dipped into your savings to pay the remaining balance of your bills and now you have run out of savings ... you need to kickstart your life ... you need financial salvation ... no one will hire you and you can’t find a job ... where do you go for help – it’s here inside How to Start a Business in 20 Days to be followed up with My Little Business.

This is not the kind of stuff you would ever learn with a bachelor - master - doctorate degree. We are talking about here of going from nothing but the clothes on your back to making it eventually to the top 5% of Americans.


Repetition is a great teacher.

This was my first book written on business. Reflections can be found in my first business publication Business Plan Outline, followed by How to Start a Business in 20 Days and My Little Business.

I grew up in the family business as a third-generation merchant starting out at age 12 working with my father in the grocery store. Then I taught college students what I learned working in the family business.

The family business is the last vastitude of Hope for anyone wanting control of their life. This is the only means of independence left in the world.

The only thing of importance is the right of self-determination.


Inside the World’s Most Complete Guide and Workbook you will find the hardcore 10-week quick-reference new-business startup planning guide and easy to use outline. Start now making your business, sales and marketing plans, useful financial data and ratios, setting-up accounting statements, creating sales, establishing marketing programs, manufacturing and production plans, international market entry, investing plans, financial evaluations, economic forecasts, cultural analysis, site selection, basic principles of the Family Business and discover much more.

Whether ages 6 or 70 and thinking about starting your own Little Business or already own your own Little Business, this idea generator is the book still used by many millionaires.

Six editions published with McGraw Hill of refinement went into this working document giving you a total system and comprehensive survey of the most significant business principles and strategies in usable practical terms.

All family businesses and small businesses are private businesses. The simpler the better, the more under the radar the better.

As you progress from the Business Plan Outline to be followed up with My Little Business ... your mind won’t stop racing and the possibilities endless.

Business Plan Outline is for those of you who don’t want to read volumes of words and long paragraphs with promises of unknown secrets and all the answers of success.



What were you doing the night they played your favorite song ...?

This classic book shines a wonderful appreciation for the Top Female and Male Vocalists in each genre and their history ... Ages 6 to 100. This book is for everyone who enjoys music.

Music draws our best memories ... Music makes us smile ... Music moves us ... Music elevates our senses ... Music brought tears ... Music as we fell asleep ... Music of our dreams.

You don’t have to be a musician or know anything about music to love these stories. It’s time for discovery from the music of greatness.

You typically hear about the musicians who made the most money for the recording labels. But what you don’t know is the short and precise inside story of what occurred before it all really happened.

Every once in a while, there comes along great musicians of extraordinary talent. These interesting stories you are about to read are a cornucopia of musical generations where all the great music you know started.

Some names you may have probably never heard. There are the pioneers of the Blues and Jazz and Rock-n-Roll who did not necessarily receive all their deserved recognition like so many in history. Yet ...

There is a Last Song ... the Musician's Song.

Reading books make you richer.

If you don't read, you don't know.

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