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* ALIEN PRESENCE ... book one of the Three-Part Series Answer to Your Question – Are ETs and UFOs Real and Do They Exist ? ... about extraterrestrial life from outer space.

* SPACE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ... the blueprint for the first space spy intelligence agency laid out in detail and a template to guide the future in outer space and the Future of Earth.

* SPACE NUGGETS ... book three is about outer space mining, outer space investments and outer space industries ... for the Space Entrepreneur.


explore tom grooms' three-book series on the rise of Russia and its stake in the future of diplomacy and power

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"In Alien Presence I don’t think that I have ever seen so many observations, anecdotes and information on possible alien sightings in one place. That alone makes the book stand out. Your book will either change your mind about alien phenomena or strongly reinforce what you already believed." "Spy History is the primer to the art and craft of spying. I immediately thought of your book when I ran across that article about how the Israeli military cased Hamas and the Palestinians prior to launching their retaliatory strikes." "Culture of Russia is one of your better books because you’re in it and bringing the narrative. There’s nothing like personal observation and experience to bring a story line to life. There’s a good deal of a ‘travelogue’ feel to it, which I personally like."

Ken Morton, Duke MBA, Marketing Executive (Comments on books)

"As President of my own company, the ideas in this book gave me an advantage over the competition. This is not in anyway, what I thought market intelligence was. It has changed the way I think about business, and its safety and security of private information. This is definitely innovative thinking beyond today. After reading this book, I can see how Presidents of countries and the heads of large corporations implementing market intelligence would have an advantage."

~ Joc Collignon Sr (Amazon review of "Market Intelligence: The Original Work")

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