Habits of Lazy People

Habits of Lazy People
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Why People Are Lazy

People are lazy because they have lost their interest in living a life with motivation.

Laziness is a habit developed from the belief that life cannot get better. At times some think what is the use of trying and smooch off others.

Some people expect others to do things for them. High expectations from others seem to have replaced the responsibility of those for themselves.

This has resulted in a number of problems for society. It has resulted in additional expense to businesses for cleanup and correction. In turn it has resulted in the form of higher taxes on a more responsible population.

Laziness does not happen from a chemical imbalance. It is not a psychological disease.

It is not genetic. It does not happen by accident.

When children don’t get their way they throw a temper tantrum. Adults do the same when they threaten the lives of others and cause civil disruption.

This is the height of laziness for adults because they are not willing to do the work necessary themselves to bring about constructive change. They have become victim to excessive impulses and unhealthy distractions.

While lazy people seek reward and pleasure they stop short and settle on entertainment and lack of interest in productive activity. This stops short of effort.

It results in an eternal expectation of the worst. This in turn becomes a habit.

The deeper the attitude the more set the habit. The habit then becomes a habit of laziness and laziness does not bring happiness.

Laziness and poverty tend go hand-in-hand. Being lazy and having no money is a cycle that develops into a lifestyle.

There is only one-way out to break the laziness cycle and that is to move it.

The number one reason people do not move is that they believe it will not make any difference. The opposite of not moving is caring.


Inherent Laziness

The lazy person does not know themself. Let’s take a look at some of the places where a lazy person can find themselves.


Parking Lot

Lazy people leave their shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot, in a parking space or better right beside their car and drive off watching their cart roll across the parking lot. This is especially wrong when the cart is left in the middle of a handicap parking space.


Dog Poop

Ever step into the aftermath of dog poop that the lazy person did not pickup while expecting someone else to clean-up after their dog. This special fragrance surrounds the area with a particular odor that should be reserved only for the inside of the home of the lazy person.


Bubble Gum – Soda – Waste

The lazy person can leave a strategically placed trap by opening their car door and dropping their gum, soda or waste right beside their car before driving off. This is so the next person, not noticing, steps out of their car and the bottom of their shoes become like toxic glue.



Littering laziness across the yard, streets and neighborhood is not landscaping. Lazy people throw trash out the car window which takes less effort than throwing it in a trash can. Maybe toilette paper is left behind.


Plastic Bottles

Water bottles start out heavy until finished then lazy people have only enough strength left to throw it on the ground and walk-off. This disease is especially prevalent among subcontractors in construction leaving their trash as their legacy of their work.


Exercise Equipment

Leaving DNA mixed in wet dripping sweat on equipment after exercise is like leaving your scent at the sewage plant. Ever notice the next person does not even clean it before or after starting their exercise. It builds into a dark sticky paste residue to share with other lazy people.



Lazy people are notorious for not flushing the toilet after used and not washing their hands before leaving. Lazy people get confused and cannot remember if you flush before or after, so they do neither, never remembering to always flush after use not leaving a scent.

Lazy people are especially sharing when they pass by a dining table and want to shake hands with others is like a dog and a fire hydrant.


Laziness by Selection

The art of laziness can come about by choice. Let’s take a look at some of the finer qualities where a lazy person can find themselves.


Lazy People Are More Successful – More Efficient – Higher Intelligence

People who are lazy tend to be smarter than those who work continuously without breaks or vacations. There goes your opinion out the window about lazy people.

Those who are lazy and smarter, more successful, and make better employees are not the same who litter, have unsanitary practices, and do not occasionally make an effort.

Lazy people are the employers of quality assurance personnel who have to come behind them and check everything they do.


Laziness by Association

Part of the problem is when laziness is viewed by our own judgement. It may not always be correct.

In fact it may not even be moral. The things we associate with laziness may not actually be indicative of laziness at all.

A lazy person is best at figuring out how to do a hard job the easiest way. It might even become an efficient process.

So hiring a lazy person may not be such a bad idea. The one trait that lazy people have is strategic thinking in that they come up with ways to eliminate problems, save time, create smart shortcuts, and give innovative ideas.


Success by Laziness

There is a false perception of laziness with those having a positive set of traits who are lazy by selection. The point here is to not stereotype a lazy person.

That is unless they leave the bathroom unclean, want to shake your hand when you have washed before eating, or seen throwing or leaving a trail of crap behind them.


Expertise of Laziness

The term lazy is a broadly defined word in most instances. Whether it is laziness by inherent or by selection it can be interpreted as letting our inner laziness come out.

So you see not all habits are bad and even good at times. Yet there still are those precious times for the rest of us to do …

It is okay to do nothing.