Whatever Happened to Good Times

Whatever Happened to Good Times
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Whatever Happened to Good Times
Have you ever missed a good time … ?

I have and sorely regretted it. I have experienced missing several of the most important events in my life due to working for inconsiderate ingrates who told me I couldn’t have the time off.

Given the chance to do it all over again, I wish I had walked out of my job. I would not have regretted having no money, no job and no income now knowing I would have been better off.

Fire Your Boss Today
Letting others, who do whatever and whenever they please, control the best times of your life is a great sin of life.

Tell me the truth. Then tell yourself the truth, if everyone who is looking for a better life and to improve their standard of living for themselves and their family can find the good times.

How is this accomplished … ?

Many people are fed-up and abandoning their cubicles, corporate chains and shovels of debt for themselves. The United States was the first country in history to evolve from an agrarian to an industrial society and then to a service economy.

Today the US is returning to its basic core roots of independent small businesses. That’s why so many young adults are quitting their job and start living the good times.

You see the good times have nothing to do with a job you hate, false security and censored income. It has everything to do with living, real living your own life without others telling you what you can and can’t do.

The Fortune 1,000 companies say they can no longer continue to pay current rates of pay for underperformance. Yet in plain English, they cannot provide full-employment for the US workforce, so what is a person to do?

So every American will have to be unemployed at one time or another during their lifetime. My point is your boss will not lose their job, you will.

Your boss will continue their six figure income while you remain in a double-digits income. Your senior executives will continue to draw their vulgar bonuses and it bragged about on the financial news shows.

Fire your boss before they fire you …

But for those of you who are scared and insecure to lose your job or not venture out on your own, I understand. My advice for you is to keep your resume’ updated and create the good times for yourself after work hours.

You Create Your Own Future
You can choose to write your own life story or let the world write it for you as it’s all your choice and in your control.

In my lifetime, real consumption per person worldwide – the standard of living in real goods … has more than quadrupled. The yearly output of goods and services worldwide has outpaced the birth rate and increased more than a hundred-fold.

This is a hundred-fold increase in real goods and services consumed, net after eliminating inflation. We have more to enjoy life than any generation.

Adam Smith, the Father of Capitalism, wrote a landmark publication called An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.

Since this time, we have seen a big difference between publically traded companies on the public stock exchange. Many companies have been going private off the public exchanges to not be associated with the reported unethical and criminal conduct.

They have become addicted to excessive executive pay and gross executive bonuses by taking the working employees’ retirement money which is forced every month into the stock market. Their poor performance is tantamount to outright theft.

This is because their token position is supported by dependency on cash infusions of the retirement savings money of workers forced directed into the stock market every month. Executives and Boards of every company consider these dumped worker’s money into the market each month free money for their taking instead of dedicated to research and new products for real profit.

However, there still exists the self-sufficient private company.  There may be a significant growing disparity of privately held companies outperforming publicly traded companies which could be you.

Before the Industrial Revolution, starting in England in 1800 and the United States in 1850, there were less than 1,000 large companies in the world. Today, small companies are being created at the rate of 4,000 every business day.

Most started with little or no money i with an idea in a garage and grew off their own cash flow however they could create it. My books How to Start a Business in 20 Days and Business Plan Outline explain how to do it.

In the days of Adam Smith, 85% percent of the workforce were needed on the family farm; whereas today, less than 0.05% percent in the workforce in the United States are needed who produce an excess food supply for the world. Less than 2% percent in the workforce in the United States are needed in manufacturing who produce over a 30% percent excess capacity for our country.

Many of the people living today worldwide share and enjoy history’s greatest benefits from science and technology. This is what separates us from the caveman.

How Will You Define Your Future
We practice business by working for business is a four letter word … work.

The world now enjoys prosperity greater than ever dreamed of before – even more so than any Pharaoh of Egypt. One of my former students put himself through an over-priced expensive business school mowing yards as a freshman.

By the time he graduated, he had a crew taking care of lawns making over $100,000 per year and that was more than any college professor there was making except for the administrators.

Will this level of prosperity continue into the future?  Yes.

Absolutely if we are able to preserve and enhance liberty, individual freedom, free enterprise and free markets. These trends in our standard of living and good times will continue and even accelerate the advancement of the human condition.

The present future is industrialization in the developing and emerging countries, globalized markets worldwide, suburbanization in the developed and industrial countries and urbanization in the developing and emerging countries. We may expect more rapid change and wider fluctuations of change for the better as we enjoy the good times.

Life may be lived more exciting than any generation in history.  There may be more adventure and more opportunity in the future. There is no excuse for anyone to say again dull or routine or I’m bored.

As human knowledge is accelerating, so are the areas in health, entertainment, good causes, charity and good times. The United States alone will give many $billions of USD donated to charities and churches this year.

This will exceed the generous and voluntary free-will giving of the total income of all the world’s people in any year before Adam Smith. Remember … charity starts at home.

Every person alive today in the world may reap the benefits of each prior generation’s thoughts. We now have so many new technologies and products invented by young adults that make our lives healthier and fun.

Choice is generating the jump into the 21st century. The advancement of free enterprise and invention has not slowed down.

The more we discover, the more we realize, the more we learn about how much more there is still to learn and enjoy the good times. Human enterprise is the future, it is your greatest hope, it is the best life possible for yourself.

The future of human enterprise is creative imagery. Creative imagery is not hyperbolic hubris.

This is sobriquet for human enterprise. There is a need for decision, the decision for you to bring into your life the best of the good times.

What Decision
As continuing our thoughts about what I’ve said from the previous comments, once the pressure of time is really understood and you put it in its proper place from the past and in the future, another major theme begins to emerge.

The question naturally arises as to #1 how much time we have, #2 can we understand whatever happened to the good times and #3 now what do we do?

The first thing we must do is decide whether to be on our own or a subject of someone else. The fact must be recognized that time does go by.

You need money to live. Living on less money and having a life can’t be put into dollars and cents.

You have needs, desires and demands. You need money to eat and play to support a life wealthy in good times.

What all this implies is that something must be done that is consistent with everybody’s needs and the needs of your business. By first taking care of yourself you can then provide for others to live the good times.

Usually an entrepreneur-owner becomes involved with the family late in life after many bad decisions have already been made.  The passage of time is usually not noticed until it is almost too late.

I have been there. Very few consider what all they are missing for a worthless life from being programmed since school to be an economic slave working on a job plantation.

Oh … so now you are thinking about what will happen to all those large corporations needing workers who are providing all those pleasures you enjoy? They are replaceable, the goods and services are replaceable, their extreme pay and gross bonuses are replaced by you and your small business.

This would break-up the monopolies. So who needs them?

You … if so you don’t need to finish reading this.

We don’t live forever and yet we act like it. The hour glass is sifting and the sand of time is no longer at the top so what are you waiting for?

From the single act of starting an income for yourself with 100% of nothing is the first day of freedom in your own your life … your most valuable commodity.

Life is the process of living the best life has to offer. To increase our understanding of what is happening, what has happened and what could happen to you … read this again.

Keep in mind life is worth more than gold or silver. It isn’t too late for you.

It took me to age 70 to learn this. It was not too late for me so keep looking to yourself and asking …

Whatever happened to the Good Times … just look around.